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Hello dear chess lovers, current, and future chess champions.

C.A.T. Tactics presents everyone with a good start to the brilliant future of Tal and Shirov-like world of combinations.

This training book offers tactical problems that increase in difficulty from a beginner chess tournament player of about 400 USCF rating points to a Class-B level player of 1700.

As a chess kid I improved rapidly getting all of my Grandmaster norms by the age of 15.  I noticed the biggest spikes in improvement as I solved multitudes of puzzles at a time. Going to competitions meant I could reproduce my fantastic new tactical ways in my tournament games!

Whether you just picked up the game, are teaching your children or students, or developing your game as an experienced tournament player, C.A.T. Tactics is here to be your source of knowledge and inspiration!

Author: Timur Gareyev
C.A.T. (Chess Academy of Timur)

CAT Tactics workbook

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