OFF da ROOK presents:

GM Timur Gareyev Guinness™ World Record Event

UNLV Foundations Building

Las Vegas, NV

December 4, 2016

moments after win



Who:            GM Timur Gareyev


What:           Most simultaneous blindfolded chess wins

                   #of boards: 48 (80.2% wins)

                   Results: 35 wins, 6 losses, 7 draws

When:          3:38am 12/04/16 (Duration: 19 hours)

Where:         Foundations Building at UNLV, Las Vegas

Timur Gareyev has been training to break the record for blindfold chess over the course of 2 years.  He currently holds two unofficial records.  One for Tandem Blindfold Chess with current simultaneous blindfolded chess win Guinness record holder, Marc Lang and a second record for most consecutive rapid blindfold blitz games (64).  His attempt is unique because he played his games while riding an exercise bike.


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