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Sunday, June 14, 2020


Awarded 2019 BEST FEATURE in Chess Publication by Chess Journalists of America for my article Challenges of Chess Parenting featured in December 2018 issue of CHESS LIFE MAGAZINE. 

Awarded 2019 BEST INTERVIEW in Chess Publication by Chess Journalists of America for my interview with Jennifer Shahade featured in May 2019 issue of CHESS LIFE MAGAZINE.

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Off da ROOK

My name is Jennifer Vallens. I am a Chess Mom living in the Conejo Valley.  I originally started the "OFF da ROOK" chess newsletter after my son taught me to play chess.  I wanted to create a place for parents to get information on where they could play chess and help build chess awareness in our community. This effort led me to earn my coaching certificate.  I now teach Beginning Chess at several local elementary schools and run local and national chess events.  For more information, visit ABOUT.


I created this site to share my journey.  Click here to READ MY BLOG.


Chess is cool people!  I am making it my mission to help bring it to the masses.  People don't realize that you do not need to be smart to play chess....but in fact, chess makes you smart!







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